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Monday, 25 May 2015

Meiji Run 2015

Oh Hi, Hello Panda & Fresh Milk Cow! 

I am at Sentosa Beach Station, waiting for the girls to hit Meiji Run, the World's Most Delicious RaceMeiji Fair where Meiji tidbits are sold at lower priceThe starting point. As I was working & couldn't commit to the timing, we picked the 5pm wave.Water point were set-up at quite a few locations for runners
Along the route, many standees are available for photo-taking =)Meiji Maze, made up of out of spec Meiji crackersWahaha... while I snap the above wefie, Wendy snap me from behindYes, due to the heavy downpour in the morning, the maze was kind of damaged4km mark! Last 1km to goFinally at the finishing lineUp next, buffet. But well, not all items are free flow. Plus, all items need to be consume within the vacinityChicken patty bun, which is only 1 per paxHello Panda! Sadly,  these are not in a box & you need to have a container/ bowl with you to get the tidbitsPlain crackersYan YanChocolate fondue is no where to be found. Milk & yogurts are only 1 per pax. As both myself & Wendy are joining the mass yoga, we decided not to eat too much. However, seems like not a lot of people are keen on yoga. Or rather, they are more keen in the "buffet"Wendy's colleague snapped this picture of us doing yoga. Can you spot me? Here's the face after the 5lm "run" & 45 mins of yogaThe finisher's entitlement - Medal, bowl & cupSports drinkThe after-race "buffet" that has to be consumed within the vacinityWe stayed for awhile after the yoga to watch the band performance and went for the photo booth at the end of the eventSome stuffs I bought at the Meiji Fair while on the way home. Not much stuffs left, so only bought theseOh yeah, the very cute finisher medalAnd photo with the mascorts. Wahaha.. I look like a pregnant woman here =D
2nd race done for this year. up next, Garfield Run

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