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Friday, 29 May 2015

Food Tasting with OpenRice @ Harry's Bar

Halo, bar goers! I'm sure everyone knows about Harry's Bar when it comes to Happy Hours, but are you aware that Harry's Bar is not just a bar? 
Harry's Bar at Clark Quay has recently launched an all-new menu with 50 over items! I am honored to be invited by Reka from OpenRice for a food tastingHarry's at Clark Quay, with a travel-themed has a warm & cozy ambiance Heehee... so true!Wefie while waiting for food to be servedThe tasting started off with Harry's Premium Lager beer ($13) followed by some small platesThe crispy Fish Cracklings ($13) served with aioli dip is super addictive I can't stop munching on itCrab & Potato cakes ($16 for 6pcs). Packed with generous amount of shredded Blue swimmer crab meat and mashed potato served with Sriracha tomato dip. This proves to be a hit among the small plates Harry's Signature Wings ($13 for 6pcs, $19 for 10pcs), coated with secret recipe spices and served with homemade chili jam. The wings on it's own taste a little tom yum to me thou =DJalapeno Steak Sliders ($13 for 3). The Mini burgers with tender beef strips and charred bell peppers, served with Jalapeno cheese sauce. Surprisingly, it doesn't have the cheesy taste at all. By now, we were being served with Harry's Signature drink, Dirty Harry ($16). Concoction of Vodka, brown sugar and lychee liqueur with a dash of zing from freshly cut lime wedges, served with a sweet canned lychee. Super delish and the brown sugar adds a hint of crunchiness to the drink. Since Sam doesn't drink, I can't be more glad to help her finish up her's.
Up next, the big plates (main dish). 
Chicken Masala $23, served with charcoal bread. Ain't a fan of Indian food served outside since my Indian friend's mum is a superb cook, but the Chicken Masala served at Harry's tasted as good as home-cooked dish. Charcoal bread served at the side is also soft & fluffy. Definitely a dish I would order on my next visit Crabmeat Spaghettini ($23). It is supposed to be spicy but I couldn't taste a single hint of spiciness. Also, it was way too watery to even taste the tomato nor the crab flavorAfter the main dish comes dessert. Toffee Apple Crisp Tart ($14), with thinly sliced apple on crust pastry, drizzled with salted caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. The dessert doesn't impress me as the pastry is rather tough. Texture of ice cream feels & taste more like clotted creamLast but not least, dessert was paired with a sparkling Cinzano Prosecco ($13.50) wine to end the dinner on a sweet note. Wefie again =) Don't say I bo jio ok! If you want to be invited to awesome food tasting, join OpenRice now! Fooling around with the props while waiting for group picture to be taken. This prop is just so me! Group picture (*picture credit to Reka)Thank You, Reka for the invite.I will definitely be back for more =)

Harry's Bar
3D River Valley Road, #01-01
Singapore 179023
Tel: 6338 7331
Operating Hours: 
Sunday to Thursday & Non-weekend Public Holiday: 12 pm to 1 am
Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 12 pm to 3 am  

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