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Thursday, 14 May 2015

A Cultural Voyage reminiscing Singapore

A Cultural Voyage reminiscing Singapore. Theresa, my twinnie was invited to this customer appreciated dinner organized by Orange Clove Catering. Thus, she extended the invite to me.
Event was held at UE Convention Centre, with about 400 customers being invitedA menu & 2 tokens were given to all guests & the token is for all guest to get lucky draw number from capsule machineCocktail were also being served to all guests while waitingReminiscing Singapore, from 1965 to 2015Chicken RiceKok Kok NoodlesSaladSeafoodLive stationSushiDessertLove the cushion on this trishawGoreng Pisang & tea eggChicken Rice. Chilli & garlic is goodKok Kok noodle is a tad too sweetSatay & muah cheeCurry Chicken as good as ever =)From the live stationSushi/ sashimiSeafoodDesserts - cheng tng a lad sweet, will be good if it's served chilled; tau suan cannot feel the existence if the beans while pulut hitam is the best with the right amount of sweetnessWe didn't really eat a lot cos we a little lazy to walk around. Thus, we just sit there enjoying the show  on company's history put up by the staffs *duhz.. hair so messy
*picture grabbed from Theresa

Goody bag from the event

Thanks Theresa for extending the invitation to me =)

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