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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Collection of Meiji Run Race Pack

Meiji Run, the World's most delicious race! Wendy shared the event few months ago & together with a couple of friends, we signed up for the run!
I met up with Angeline to collect the race pack today at Velocity@Novena Square.There wasn't any queue as there's a total of 10 counters available!
While we were munching away at KFC before collecting the race pack, we saw the mascot - Hello Panda & Fresh Milk Cow. Thus, we grabbed the chance to snap picture with themHaha.. Angeline was being hi-jacked by 2 little girls who refused to move away from the 2 mascots
After collecting, we went back to KFC again to check out the race pack. Race pack consists of a race tee, race bib, cooler bag & a plush (design was given out randomly)The cooler bag even has printing on both sides. One side cow & the other side is panda. Cute right? Wefie after collecting the race pack =)
The smart alec me stupidly choose 3XL for the tee, forgetting that the tee is unisex. Now it looks like I'm wearing pyjamas =D
Ok, now I can't wait for the run to happen next week! I hope the stock-take at work finish early so I will be able to make it to the 5 pm wave!

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