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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Venus Run 2015 ~ International Women's Day

Venue Run 2015 ~ together with the Voodoos and few of the Multiply girls, I signed for for my first ever running event in my 40 years of life! 
The collection of goody bag is located at Kallang WaveThe goody bag is a pretty pink-purplish Love,Bonito recyclable bag Apart from The pink top & race bib, there's towel, rexona, sanitary napkin, brands essence of chicken & inner shine & Amore notepadas well as magazinesOn the actual day, we met up at at Stadium MRT to catch the shuttle bus provided by event organizer to event venueFiona , Angeline & Hazel for some unforeseen reason, did not turn up for the runCenter stage for the eventSo yes, girls being girls... ... pictures from various cameras!All the fit girls, except for me =DPretty sunriseGetting ready... ... ... Go! While the girls zoom past me, I take a slow walk along the run routeBut well, being slow has it's advantage too. I managed to catch some Sea Otters suntanning =)But when I quietly walk towards them, they went back into the sea cos a group of slow runners behind me run towards themErm... it took me 25 mins to reach the 2KM mark =DNice scenery btween 2 - 3KM mark
Heehee.., got caught on Running Kaki's camera at the 4.2KM mark. Obviously I'm enjoying my slow walk =)Yeah.. finally see the finishing pointFinally crossed the finishing line!Not sure about other races, but during Bare Your Sole 5KM walk, there were total of 3 water points in between & 1 at finishing end. But for this race, only 1 water point is being set-up at 2KM mark & 1 at the finishing end. Seriously, I feel a little dehydrated lehAnyway, managed to finish the 5KM & got my first ever medal from running eventAfter race results - Despite zero exercise for the past few months + 90% walk & 10% jog on actual race day, I managed to finish 5KM in 55 mins. Not a bad achievement I supposed =DPhotobooth & instant print is available, with compliments from Imagica Production Yahoo~ and my favorite Milo truck! Milo truck has always been my favorite truck since young! Then we continue to walk close to 2KM just to reach Kallang Wave for brunch cos shuttle service is only available one-wayThis tower reminds me of my McDonald's days where we used to come here for late night drinks =)Reached Kallang Wave quite early & most eatery & restaurants are not open yet, so we settle at Curry Times. Wah, so cool leh.. self ordering can save $1 Nostalgic flower biscuits, free for customers Opt for Nasi Lemak. Not bad eat, but rice too much I only managed to finish half
First ever run event done! Next... ... Meiji run =)

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