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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Batam Day-trip

It's been awhile since I last went Batam, so I'm tagging along with Kogu & Jenny cos they are going to check on their house reno

While waiting for them, I went for breakfast at Heavenly Wang cafe. Ordered the Chicken Macaroni Soup set & upgraded the drink to Milo Dinosaur. The chicken macaroni soup is totally bland, tastes nothing buy beansprout & parsley lah! "-"Crossing the island by Sindo Ferry. Couldn't find my new customized passport cover, so I'm sticking to 20 year old "European Community passport" =D
A selfie while waiting to board. Haha.. in case you find me looking different, so I'm without eyelash extension here =DBoarding
My day trip mates
Upon reaching, David's chauffeur came to pick us at the ferry terminal & immediately drove us to Kogu's new house at Panbil Villa. David's house is just next door, so that makes them neighbors!
The house is still under renovation, but the paintings are already done. These simple furniture are bought by David, who also happens to be the previous owner.
Then we went to this DIY/ furniture shop to look at some diy stuffs and furniture for the backyard. I happen to see this piece of table & chair set, which they both find it quite suitable for the backyard
Looks pretty normal lah.. but ... .... it's rocking table/chair ok! You can check out a short clip here.
The "bird nest" chair, which we find it very comfortable too. 
For us, Batam day-trip is not complete without a visit to Kazu Japanese Restaurant since our dear friend David is the boss =)
Not singing praises cos the boss is our friend, but the restaurant is indeed nicely renovated and some friends commented it gives you the feeling that you're in Japan
Menu, but we didn't need to look at it cos David was in full charge of ordering this meal. Appetizer - these are bits of Salmon scraped off from the bone, mixed with some vegetables. Tastes very sardine to me thou =DEdamame, stir-fried with just butter. Pretty nice.
Potato Salad
Cold cucumber
Shabu Shabu Set with chicken
David also ordered a portion of Wagyu Beef for me cos all of them doesn't take beefVegetable Kaarage
Crispy Chicken Skin - ooh~ mad love this!
Ebi Tempura
Some cabbage salad dish lah .. lol
Kazu's latest creation - The Barelang Sushi. Now, does it looks like the Batam Barelang Bridge? Yes, the dressing served together with the sushi is inspired by the Barelang Bridge.Chunks of crab meat & crunchy cucumber with some homemade sauce.Then Jenny went to do a quick shopping for the boys, while we stay outside of the shop & enjoy ice cream to beat the heat!Yes, here's the man of many identities - David. 
Next, we went for foot massage at RebornRP$1880,000 (approx S$20) for 1.5 hours of foot + 30 mins of head, shoulder, neck & back) massage. They will assign male masseur if you opt for this option as there is no need to undress. Of cos, they will ask if you are comfortable for this arrangement. 
I must say, the male masseur is good. Hard, but not too strong. The right amount of strength. The only pain I feel is on the toe, but I soon fall asleep and slept throughout the entire foot, head, neck & shoulder massage till the masseur wake me up for back massage since I need to sit up =D

After the massage, we were served a cup of ginger tea & coconut biscuits

After massage, we head direct to Mega Mall opposite after getting our boarding pass for returning ferry. and we saw this! Super huge scale of Timezone! Haha... Bingo! Found entertainment for Keeren & Heeren's next visit!
Then head down to A&W for quick dinnerChicken Connie Dog. Hmm... still prefers beef connie dog. Sigh.. why oh why? Why A&W did not make a come back in Singapore?Waffle with ice cream & chocolate sauce. So yea, we took the last ferry of the day back to Singapore. 
See you soon, Batam! 

Heavenly Wang
1 Maritime Square, 
#01-83, HarbourFront Centre,
Singapore 099253 
Tel: 6274 4511
Daily 7.30 am - 9.30 pm

KAZU Japanese Restaurant
No.1-5 Jl. Raden Patah Komp Harmoni Blok B, 
2nd Floor, Riau 29777, Indonesia
Tel: +62 778 423116
Daily: 11:00 am – 10:30 pm

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