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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

正月初十二 ☆ Earle Swensen's & llaollao

Impromptu meet-up with Jaslyn at JEM & we ended up at Earle Swensen's for dinner
At Earle Swensen's, all main dish comes with free flow salad barMy plate of salad. How does it look?We also add on to complete the meal with soup of the day with toast & coffee/ teaMy choice of main was Baked Teriyaki Cod Fish served with mushroom & potato, took close to 30 mins to be served when I told that there's a waiting time of 15-20 mins. Cod fish is sweet on the outside but totally bland inside. Wefie =)On my Samsung's split cameraThe we went llao llao for dessertSanum - I had combination of Filipino White Chocolate cookie + strawberry + dragon fruit + watermelon + dark chocolate sauceHmm... serving of sauce so inconsistent in both cups =(

Anyway, this is my second try & verdict was that yogurt is slightly sour as compared to Yami Yogurt & melts a little too fast. However,  the fruits served in llao llao is of bite size compared to tiny bits served in Yami Yogurt. For taste, I'll definitely go for Yami Yogurt. but if value for money, llaollao will definitely be my choice.

Earle Swensen's
50 Jurong Gateway Road, 
#03-11 JEM,
Singapore 609690
Tel: 6734 7712
Opening hours:
10:30 am-10.30 pm

llao llao
3 Gateway Drive Unit 
#03-02, Westgate Mall, 
Singapore 608532

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