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Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Pelican | Seafood Bar & Grill ~ Angela's Birthday

We're back at The Pelican | Seafood Grill & Bar for the second time! The last we went, was on my 40th birthday in Dec'14 and we were still drooling whenever we talk about the seafood platter. So we're back again to celebrate Angela's birthday
Wefie... ... wefie... ... wefie... ...Selfie... ... selfie... ... selfie... ...Lots of selfie & wefie while waiting for our foodIvy's choice ~ Tenuta Ca'vescovo Prosecco ($80)Cheers ~A complimentary loaf of freshly baked bread is being served this time, however, it was not refillableAgain, we ordered Black Pepper Candied Bacon ($16) cos I am in love with it =)Old Fashioned Crab Cakes ($24)  The Pelican Platter ($138) ~ daily selection of raw oysters & clams, steamed whole lobster, crab & prawns, mussels. Very fresh selection of seafood. A must-order dish when at The PelicanEngrossed in taking pictures =Dyum yum ... ..

Woah... loook at the amount of roe!Goodnees in a shell!
Then we ordered 4 main dishes for sharing
Catch of the day, Salmon. Very nicely done. Tender, almost melt-in-the-mouth & super crispy skinSkate Wing Chop ($38), with burnt lemon butter. We were expecting some kind of chicken wing, but it turned out to be sting ray. Pretty interesting cos it's the first time we had non-sambal stingray.Big Ol' Bouillabasisse ($98) - stew with prawn, scallops, mussels, clams, fish. The moment it was being served on the table, the fragrant from the soup fills the entire table. Ingredients are fresh & thus soup is very sweetThe Pelican Lobster Thermidor ($88). Again, lobster is grilled to perfection, Keeping up the standard as compared to our first visitWefie again =)A slightly proper picture, with the help from the staff =)haha.. a before/ after picture of Big Ol' Bouillabasisse shows that the soup is delish!Since we were here few months ago for birthday celebration, this doesn't comes as a surprise for AngelaWe debated quite a while on cake selection over whatsapp & finally decided on Green Tea cake from Sun MoulinThen we went Starbucks for a drink before heading homeWahaha... so many Starbucks card =D And yes, finally utilizing the vouchers from The Entertainer 2015 We managed to use 2 vouchers on One-For-One main dishAnd as calculated by the application, the average saving for our dinner is about S$65, but we actually saved S$81 =)

Once again... ... Happy Birthday, Angela =)

The Pelican
1 Fullerton Road, #01-01, 
One Fullerton, Singapore 049213
Tel: 6438 0400
Operating Hours
Lunch: Monday to Saturday~12 noon to 3 pm (last order 2.30 pm)
Dinner:Monday to Saturday~6 pm to 11 pm(last order 10.30pm)
The Pelican Deck:
Monday to Saturday, 12 pm to 12 am
Friday Supper Club Extended to 2 am
(Closed on Sundays) 

Sun Moulin Cafe
Address: 350 Orchard Rd, 
Singapore 238868
Phone:6738 7642

3 Fullerton Road, #02-01/02/03, 
Fullerton Water Boathouse 
Singapore 049215
Tel: 6536 0849
Operating hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

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