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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Tulipmania 2015, Gardens by the Bay

Tulipmania is back again at Gardens by the Bay for the 3rd year! This year's floral displays will draw visitors into the magical world of folklore, legends, fairy tales and nursery rhymes
Since I was still on leave on Thursday, I decided to make a trip down on my own & bought only ticket to TulipmaniaThis year, visitors are able to make a 3D bouquet of Tulips with the cut-out from the map guideI was "greeted" by knights at the "entrance". Of cos, the entrance is just a display lahSome Tulips at the entrance. This is one of the latest breed Tulip which was not on display for the past 2 years.An overall view from the top before I head downSome of the Tulips have yet to bloomOne of the fairy tale - Little Red Riding HoodHaha... someone mentioned on my picture "looks like ghost leh" .. well, quite true in a way =DThe one & only Tulip that blooms around this displayNext, Cindrella2 "mice" & a pumpkin carriageNot forgetting, the bling bling heelSnow White & the Seven Dwarfs.One security super friendly lah. He was standing there, helping visitors to snap picture of them tru the mirror. Funny thing is, after every snap he took, he would repeat "later when you post the picture, you can put the caption <Mirror mirror on the floor, who is the most handsome/ pretty of all>"Remember I mentioned that there's a new Tulip on display this year? This is the one, and it's named "Singapore"Somehow, Yellow Flight is still my favoriteHansel & GretelThe Little Mermaid. Can you spot the mermaid? There, hidden behindThe Ugly DucklingRumpunzel

Not very obvious thou.. can't really see the head cos it's quite high upThumbelina. Can you spot the tiny fairy?Aha~ you got it!The Snow QueenThe WindmillSome interesting facts on Tuilpmania/ TulipsThere! The uncle who stand there, helping visitors take pictures. He was there for the entire 2 hours that I spent in Tulipmania!
Not sure about you, but I find half-bloom Tulips prettierHead on to Children's Garden since I have never walked beyond the Flower DomeWater play areaTreehouseExercise cornerFwah.. I didn't know there a aquarium in Gardens by the Bay!But nothing much here. Only few fishes & turtle in there
Ok, one last selfie before leaving the gardensAn overview of the Gardens

Tulipmania Garden Trail is now on till 10 May 2015, from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm at the Flower Dome. Local senior citizens enjoy 50% off admission tickets to the conservatories on weekday, from now till Friday, 8 May 15

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