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Monday, 28 May 2012

The A-team's Secret Mission!

Kogu & Jenny's 4th Wedding Anniversary & Keeren's 3rd Birthday both falls on 25th May. We're all supposed to go for dinner on the actual day but Keeren is down with HFMD. Since Keeren is slightly better after resting 4 days at home, Kogu planned for a surprise visit by us! 

Nizam, his 22yrs friend, is being arrowed to organise the people & buy Jenny's Wedding Anniversary gift cos he knows if he goes to the boutique, he won't bear to part with his $$. If someone else goes on behalf of him, that person will definitely spend his $$! hahaha

I'm the one in-charge of buying cake for Keeren since no one is buying. Instead of buying cake, I bought 12 cupcakes from Icing Room. 

So yesterday, all of us waited for everyone to arrive at the playground under Kogu's block before marching up to his house! Doreen is being arrowed to ring his doorbell cos she seldom goes to his house, & that will even surprise Jenny. Kogu will insist that Jenny opens the door! 

When Jenny opens the door, she asked Doreen "yes?" .. and then realized that it was us outside the door when we asked her "yes what?" She thought it was some Primary School kids selling ice-cream! hahaha

So as usual, mahjong begins immediately after we surprise her with her gift from Kogu! 

Hope we make her day right!
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