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Thursday, 24 May 2012

All of them!

Lately I'm a little into nail stickers rather than nail polish cos it's fast to apply & it stays longer than normal nail polish.

So these are my collection so far... ... 

1) Cala Nail Strips - I bought these from Hong Kong & it's abt $4.80 per pack of 20 strips

These are not very good cos it's a bit too thick & it stays only about 2-4 days

2) MH Nail Patch - I bought these from Toy Outpost @ Cineleisure. $8 for a pack of 14 strips, but there's promo of Buy 1 get 1 free when I bought them, so it's $4/pack. I haven try them yet but it's quite thin, hopefully it's good.

3) Brandless Nail Patch - sis bought them at a shop in market! Cheapest of all, @ $1 for a pack of 16 strips. I've yet to try them as well. 

4) Vivi Nail - Bought these at the Scape Flea @ $8 for a pack of 20 strips. They also have those "3D" ones, with "jewels" popping up, $8 for a pack of 12 strips.Paid $22 for 3 packs, can mix & match the normal & 3D ones

So far I love them most cos it's very thin & it stays for about 8 -12 days and it comes with the nail file!

These can be done on toes too.. but I'll still stick to painting my toes instead.. heehee

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