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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Year of the Golden Rooster | Work & Aunty Shirley's Place

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! 
Heading out to work for I'm on duty =) Supposed to be working on the 3rd day but since Carol is not able to work on first day, I made a swap with her. Anyway I'm heading to aunty Shirley's place at Tampines in the afternoon Greetings from Agility Logistics, ChangiApart from the yearly angbao that company gave out on CNY eve, those working on CNY get an additional angbao too Placed an order for sushi platter to be collected after work to bring it to aunty Shirley's house cos they have decided on pot-luck this year.Honestly speaking, I find it a little too much hassle for pot-luck cos not everyone goes to the venue direct from home. For people like me who dun drive, it's also difficult to bring things around.The 2 platters that I orderedMalay kuehFried Chicken WingFried Mee Siam, all from aunty Lily who got her Muslim colleague to prepareMushroomLoh bak, sambal prawn, mala dumpling, all from aunty Alice & Amy. Aunty Lucy bought chawanmushiFrom aunty Xiaoling's family
Many more other food stuffs not shown cos not everyone comes in at the same time
Aunty Shirley as usual, prepared pig stomach soup & longan red date teaRussell, always camera readyHaha... stuffed my mouth with the ngoh hiang kor broughtWhat to do when female cousins meet?wefie again... ... lots of it!Then head off to Xiaoling aunty's house for mahjong with Trix, Ida & Cherilyn since I'm not working tomorrow =)
Hope everyone is having an awesome Chinese New Year celebrations. 

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year peeps! 

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