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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Trip to Chinatown Bazzar

Me & Anthony have a couple of hours spare after Pokemon Run before meeting David & Liana for dinner. Thus, we went Chinatown
Very cute chicken Even Indian temple is also wishing the Chinese =)Oh so we have here, the cheapest Michelin-starred  Meal of the World - Hong Kong Soy sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle. Erm... I dunno how good it is cos I've yet to tryHey Santa, maybe it's time for you to head back to where you belongMahjong tiles cushion. Huat arh!The old-school bird's nest drink. Honestly, it's just some jelly drink lah. But... ... hell, it certainly taste like bird's nest right? #CheapThrillDragon's Breadth! But the stall is not ready for operation yet, so we hang around & help the boy set-up labels on the flavoursHaha... The owner seeing our helpfulness, gave us 2 bags of tidbits =)Walked around the bazzar for a while & while le bff & le teenage friend head home, Anthony & myself head off to Kallang Leisure Park to meet up with Goh, David & Liana for dinner

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