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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Year of the Golden Rooster | Lunch at Mum's Place & Dinner at le BFF's Place

Into the second day of Chinese New Year and we're heading to mum's place for lunch
Enjoying the last bit of Loong Ji bak kwa while colleague bought from JB while waiting for everyone to be readySomeone's awake and off we goWe had to bring sis's fil along cos he just went missing for hours yesterdayWhile waiting for mum to get readyLunch is served

Haha... found one of my many McDonald's towel=)Then I head out to Toa Payoh to meet up with lee bff to buy steamboat stuffs for dinner. Having the lychee soft serve while the rest of them had lunchIn preparationMy presentation, not bad right?The of cos, yusheng first!Eh, doggie also hungry arh?Eat first!Wah, new Hello Kitty mahjong set!Because le bff's sister say must buy 4D, so here's the number we pickedThe kiddo's table!What's she doing? Wahaha... we were playing at the balcony & one of the tile flew downstairs! Luckily we were able to retrieve it! Then we all got hungry in middle of the night &game, so my teenage friend cooked supper! =D

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