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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Pokemon Run 2017

Sunday morning early morning & I'm out =DVenue is at The Promontory @ Marina BayOMG, sun so bright we can't even open our eyesWefies, wefies, wefies ... ....Anthony's friend, the only runner among us cos all of us will just be walking =D2 Pokemon trainers are missing in actionStarting pointMad crowdStress balls was given only into the 500m of the raceBeautiful view for the runHalfway tru the run, le teenage friend got lost & we decided to continue the walk cos we're pretty sure she's ahead of us. And some how, the supposedly 5 km run is only a mere 4 km runAnd taadaa! There she is, at  the finishing point waiting for us. Mother & daughter reunite =DOur very cute Pikachu medalWaiting for Pikachu paradeBut sadly, all Pikachu did not go on stage & only people in front can see them. Everyone behind can either see only the ears or nothing. #DisappontedWe hanged around for a while before heading over to MBS for lunch and on our way, we saw flags & banners being "abandon" along the waySo we took it for wefieSomething cooling to chill it down =)

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