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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Shabu Sai - Japanese Shabu Shabu

An impromptu dinner date with the evil sisters landed us at Shabu Sai cos the last time I was at Changi City Point, the fragrant from the soup attracts me. 
The latest branch at Eastpoint Mall. Kind of vacant at 6.30 pmApart from the 6 standard soup base, the bi-monthly soup when we visited the restaurant is Tom Yum MisoCold air were seen coming out from the display, probably to keep the ingredients fresh.However, the selections were disappointing. Accordingly to most reviews we see online, it was mentioned that there are more than 50 types of ingredients. What we see and get here is just roughly about 20 types of ingredients and of which, 90% are vegetables! Only beef minced meat is available. How many people staying in the heartland consume beef? For sure, 50% from our table of 4 doesn't consume beefNo cooked food nor sushi is available as per mentioned on some other blogsSoup base we choose - Sukiyaki & SeafoodTonkotsu Shouyu & Tom Yum. Tom yum soup base has some clams in the soupSelections of sliced beef, chicken & pork are served upon requestThe pot we had was very small and soup base spills over to the other side of the pot.  On a happier note, free flow of drinks & soft serve is available at $1.99Here's my diy soft serve. Pretty huh? Have not lost touch of doing a pretty soft serve since I left McDonald's =)
Personally, I won't be visiting again due to the lack of selections of ingredients. With that price that I paid, I can easily find another restaurant that offers more. 

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)
Adult: $16.99++ Child*: $9.99++
Weekends and PH
Adult: $19.99++ Child*: $9.99++

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)
Adult: $24.99++ Child: $9.99++
Weekends and PH
Adult: $29.99++ Child: $9.99++

*Child between 5-9 years of age; those below the age of 4 dine for free

Shabu Sai
3 Simei Street 6 
Eastpoint Mall #03-06
Singapore 528833
Tel: 66363121
Operating Hours: 
Mon - Sun: 11.30 am to 10.30 pm 

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