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Monday, 12 January 2015

Alyssa's 7th Birthday

Alyssa is 7! 

Mr Goh & Theresa has invited us over for the little celebration at his sister's new place.
I brought along the boys cos sis has to go back to the officeVery pretty venue with lots of water featuresThe kids upon seeing water go ga-ga over itThere's a total of 7 function rooms in the vicinity & the one we'll be at is the Eastern Bungalow  Room was decorated with My Little Pony stuffsAngeline also baked some Pandan Hokkaido cupcakes for the partyTheresa prepared goody bag (or rather, box) from Lollibox. Very interesting goody box as it allows the kids attending the party create some handicraft items.Food was catered from Neo GroupFried riceSiew Mai which got wiped out very fast!Curry Chicken. Still the best curry chicken I've had in terms of cateringFish balls & fish filletsBroccoli with mushroomsMini pizzaSandwichesBirthday girl picked up some flowers & insisted that I take 1So I took it & put in my headKids ~ "forced" them to eat first before play
Coincidentally, both of us are in similar type of material top/ dressMr Park photobomb us artistically =DNext, getting ready for magic showCake cutting after magic show ends. Cake was rainbow cake from Prima DeliAs Ee Ling has quite a bit of mini My Little Pony figurines, she loan it Theresa for decorating the cakeHappy 7th Birthday, princess AlyssaAlamak... someone photobomb Theresa's family portraitOK, I cropped away photobomber =D Alyssa & boyfriend, JaydenWith her bff, Abriland the rest of the kidsLittle Hye gave me one her precious Pony =)One with the birthday girlHmm... I must say, the rainbow cake is quite niceWahaha.. old kids like Sam & myself also got goody box! The boys are totally wet, so got them to slightly dry themselves under the sun before I call for cab to head home
Once again, Happy 7th Birthday Alyssa! 

Thanks Mr Goh & Theresa for inviting us =)

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