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Friday, 23 January 2015

January's buy from Qoo10

Qoo10 is quite addictive! It seems like I've been buying stuffs from Qoo10 on a monthly basis. Luckily I do not have taobao account. Else, might really go crazy over it =D 
My currently lappie is acting super strangely, I'm in need of a new one, so bought a new one, HP Stream 13 from Qoo10 seller IT Fair at $374 (including delivery) & item was delivered the next day!It's supposed to be pink lah, but somehow it looks kind of purple on screen =DSpecificationsOperating System~Windows 8.1
Display~13.3-inch / 11.6 -inch diagonal HD WLED-backlit Display (1366x768)
Colors*~Horizon Blue with White Keyboard
Processor ~Intel® Celeron® N2840 Processor (2.16GHz, 1M L2 Cache)
Hard drive~32GB eMMC
Graphics~Intel® HD Graphics
Internal memory~On-board 2GB 1333MHz DDR3L SDRAM
Audio~DTS Studio Sound Dual Speakers
Battery~Weight: 1.55KgsDresses from D&P cos need some new top/ dress. Pink dress ($17.20), but cannot lah... wear already totally like pregnant woman =DWhite top ($13.90)Also wanted to find a green top/ dress for CNY cos the lucky color for those born in year of tiger is green. Found 2 pieces of dress - one in army green ($14.70) but is too tight & couldn't fit at all =D While the lace one ($13.60) is the type that sis says it doesn't shows figureHaha.. like what sis says, it doesn't shows figure lor.. anyway, I where got figure? This is quite good to hide my huge tummy leh =DHave always wanted a denim dress ($19.30) but most of the denim dresses are of petite sizes till I finally found a +size one at Qoo10 =DMore dresses & tops, from seller Fashion Paradise 523 - Black top ($9.90)Another black top ($9.90)Dress ($17.50)Another black dress ($12.10)One more black dress (16.60)
*all pictures are grabbed from Qoo10 cos my own pictures doesn't looks convincing =D

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