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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Happy Diwali, 2013

Happy Diwali ~~ 

House-visiting on Diwali has become a "standard operation procedure" for the A-Team. Usually I'll also go to Kogu's mum & aunt's house together with them, but as this year's Diwali collides with my cousin's wedding, I only went to Kogu's house on 2nd day 

For the first time, these 3 guys (Prakash, Mike & Nizam) are there earlier than me & they started mahjong without me! 

As usual, dinner half-way thru mahjong cos Prakash needs to go to his sister's house for visiting.

Wendy commented on my Instagram "briyani with sashimi'? haha... yes! Salmon is always seen on Kogu's dining table whenever we had dinner at his place cos he has a stall at Blk 58 Upper Changi Rd Market selling Salmon, Cod Fish & some premium Japanese stuffs

Broccoli with mushrooms, cooked by Kogu

Teriyaki Chicken is also cooked by Kogu. The teriyaki sauce is also home-made & it's also being sold at his stall in the market!

The rest of the Indian dishes are cooked by Kogu's mum

Not sure what's the name of this dish. It's just cucumber & onion. Usually it's being marinated with coconut juice, but Kogu's mum will do it with yoghurt. 

Signature Mutton Curry. This is one of the best mutton curry I had as it doesn't have any smell & it's very tender

Another signature dish - Sambal Chicken. She cooked alot, so we get to tabao some home!

Briyani. It may not look appetizing but it taste good, and it doesn't have the "bomb" (the stinky spice) like those sold outside, so I really enjoy it

Kogu's aunt from Kuala Lumpur also gave him a bottle of ikan billis. Although the ikan billis is not crispy, it is very satisfying cos it's spicy & has a hint of vinegar

Keeren insisted that we stand & pose with the food cos he wants to take picture of all of us, but not sure if he managed to snap a proper picture of us or not

Fooled around with Keeren & Fizah while the guys "take 5"

Fizah bought Tapa Kuda (Chocolate Cake with Nutella & KitKat/ Bueno) from BakedByMum1 for dessert. The cake is quite soft but bland; thankfully sweetness from Nutella spread & KitKat/Bueno blends in well. Quite nice but I think it's kind of over-priced @ $11/pc

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