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Friday, 8 November 2013

Fabian & Weili's Wedding @ Mandarin Orchard

Whee~~ another wedding in the family! This time, it's my cousin, Fabian's wedding!

It's 8.30am in the morning & we're off to Aunty Lucy's house cos she says Fabian will be back with the bride at 9.30am

Camwhore-ing the cab while on the way

Breakfast buffet catered from Neo Garden for the guests

Little Jack & his dad, Rob's at the door welcoming us

While having breakfast & chatting with few other aunties, we suddenly realize there's a tank full of Angelfishes (ok, now I know... they're named Pteropnyllum)! These are all from the older pair that are kept in another tank

While waiting for the couple to arrive, the boys are outside playing with Jack's bike! 

Aunty Lucy says "tiger" cannot face the bride when they're back, so I have to 'hide' away. These pictures are taken by my sis

Damien says he wants to see, so both of us went up to Fabian's room for awhile.

Came back to the dining area & Nathan has fallen asleep, so I gotta relieve Mandy (my sil) cos they need to go for the tea-ceremony

As usual, when the boys meet, they get hooked with games!

In kor's car, heading to his house to pick up some jackets for the boys' upcoming Hong Kong trip in December

Nathan (@ 2yr8m) removing his shoes & socks on his own 

While writing the blessing for the newly weds, sis actually wasted 2 red packets before getting all the Chinese characters right

Dug out my LV & sis's Ferragamo for dinner! Both are already more than 15 years, so they're not in very good shape. Especially the Ferragamo cos sis loan it to one of my mum's sister many years back & she returned it with scratches all over! 

In the cab, on the way to Mandarin Orchard for the dinner

The newly weds engaged Hello Forever for their service on photo booth & their album can be found here!

In the process of taking pictures at the photo booth

Some pictures of the newly weds

The Imperial Ballroom

Wedding favors alternate from measuring spoon & food picks

Some camwhore-ing before dinner starts

My 3 other nephews - Nathan, Luke & Joshua

*These are snapped using my front camera

*These are snapped using back camera w/night mode

*These are snapped using back camera with assist light from sis's phone

Mandy had White while me & sis had Red Wine

Combination Platter

Crab meat & Fish Maw Soup

Broccoli with Prawns & Pacific Clam

Snapped a picture of few male cousins half-way tru the dinner. Leonard, Filbert, Aaron & Lionel

Steam Fish

Chicken in Ginseng Sauce

Food taste was pretty good but waiting time in-between the dishes were so slow that Nathan & mum fall asleep while waiting! 

Even waiting time for drinks are slow! 

Apart form being slow, the server could not even remember simple request. When I asked for 2 wine & 1 coke, I have to repeat myself 3x & yet the server came back with only 1 coke & asked if it's 1 more wine. When I repeat again 2 wine, she asked for our glasses & what happened next is not what I expect from Mandarin Orchard! 

When she took away the glass stained with lip gloss, she did not even both to wash the glass, and she returned with both the glasses stained with lip gloss. 

Question here is... ... how on earth she remember which glass belongs to who? How can I be sure that both the glasses are taken from my hand to begin with? **if you're not planning to wash the glasses before filling it up again, don't bring the glass away from the table!

Abalone with Spinach & Mushrooms

BBQ Pork Ribs

Ee-fu Noodles

Yam Paste

Restroom is super chio lah!

Even individual cubicle has chandelier & 3 full-body mirror

Lastly, managed to catch the bride for a picture before heading home

Once again... ... 
Congratulations, Fabian & Weili & may you have a blissful marriage :) 

333 Orchard Road
Singapore 238867

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