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Friday, 6 April 2018

Kusinhin Bo | Gathering for CCSS Class 1D of 1987

I had a plenty of gatherings with my secondary school mates but this is the first time I'm meeting the very first batch of friends I made in my secondary school life! 

Classmates of 1D, Chai Chee Secondary School in 1987, fall in! 
Because of different timings from everyone of us, we opt for buffet & decided on Kuishin BoLilian & Sherina, my very first 2 friends I made. Sherina also happened to be from the same Primary school as me but I have never met her!David(s) .. David Ng & David Tan =DSelfie with 2 of my first-known friendsThe 3 self-declared 留学生留学生 not because they are from oversea, but cos they retain 1 year in during their primary school life =DClass photo! 
Ed & Ming Shao is supposed to join but Ed has to be out-station due to work & Ming Shao is not feeling well while Marcus is still in Shanghai. But that's ok, we can always have another session
Eh, why are we in this pose?Cocs we're trying to re-enact our class photo! =DEh, one express stream student came! Maybe come spot-check his hubby (David Tan).. hahaAfter dinner, apart from Esther & David Tan, the rest of us went for a drink at District 10 Bar & GrillCheers!One more shot before we call it a day.
I haven had this killer drink for more than a decade cos I had 13 shots & 13 tequila pop within 5 mins & puked 7 times many years back!Oh yes, David Tan also made this sew-on badge for all of us. Thanks David.
Thanks Alice for taking your precious time in organizing this gathering & everyone who turned up!

Kuishin Bo
3 Temasek Boulevard, 
#03-334 Suntec City, North Wing, 
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6341 9200

District 10 Bar & Grill
3 Temasek Boulevard 
#01-514/515 Suntec City Mall, 
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6822 2886

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