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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

CH叉R | Sam's Birthday (I)

Sam's birthday meal with Joanna & since birthday girl gets to choose venue, Sam chooses CH叉R
Chilli in the middle is so shiok I even asked if they sell it.Birthday must eat 面线, so we ordered HK Styled Stir-fry Mian XianDouble Roast - Choose between Roast Pork, Char Siew & Soy Chicken, so we choose Char Siew & Roast PorkSignature Char Siew , so tender it almost melts-in-mouth!Roast Pork, a good combination of fatty & lean meat with crackling skinI wanted beancurd and we so we ordered this Beancurd with Prawn & Spinach Egg White. Tasted pretty bland to my own opinion. Of cos, not forgetting 1/2 a Jasmine Roast Duck which is very tender & with crispy skinJoanna bought a slice of cake cake from Chateraise for SamHappy Birthday, SamWe still has some tummy space after  the cake, we decided to order soup & a portion of Salt & Pepper Fish Skin.
Who drinks soup after cake? Hahaha.. Anyway, food was good and I mind re-visiting for the roast again

363 Jalan Besar, 208994
Tel: 6842 7759

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