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Saturday, 10 February 2018

学友·经典 Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour 2018

学友·经典 Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour 2018

Woohoo ~~ Jacky Cheung is back again with his classic tour!
Because we're quite sure the show is gonna be the same as the one back on 2017, we bought the cheapest ticket.. just to hear him live!Tickets bought last year & finally the day has come!Angeline & her friends are joining us but we went for dinner separately, so we enter firstThe staff at Sportshub helped us took a group picture cos there isn't much people when we enterOur viewCos we bought 10 tickets at the same time, we weren't able to get all in one row.. only managed to get 5 per row, but same sectionI'm supposed to go with sis & cousin, but sis had to gave up her ticket last min, so Angeline's friend took over the ticket*Photo credit: Junjun, who is siting at the first few row!Ok lah, not handsome, but quite charming at his age!Tonight's show was the #139 of the the entire world tour & a special segment was added. Jacky & 张家辉 planned for a live satellite call with 胡枫, who is also having his concert in Hong Kong. They even shared a song together! Nice. The show was as awesome as before & we totally enjoyed listening him live! Powerful vocal & stamina despite being 56!Supper at McDonald's after concert

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