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Friday, 9 February 2018

Agility Logistics | Long Service Award & Appreciation Dinner

It's been like 2 years since the company had appreciation dinner. I was on course today & since course ends early, I head back to office for the dinner
Picture with the CN5 girls & JoyceFood was catered from Four Seasons.They also have this led balloon on every tableSurprise to meet Rusli again after so many years ever since our department shifted out of the facility at Toh Tuck. Never get to work him but we see each other at company transport almost daily during lunch time. And guess what? He is 50 years old this year! What kind of sorcery is this lah.. I don't think he looks his age man! I always thought he was about the same age or even younger than me.This year, there is also lucky draw available & Karen won one of the hampers! Reines's name was called right after Karen but since she did not attend the dinner, her prize was forfeited Nice haircut, Joan. Definitely looks fresher in short hair Someone whom I can count on in terms of admin related stuffsKnow him since I joined in 2005. The one & only guy I can gossip with without fear =D Thank you, Agility for organizing the appreciation dinner & everyone who put this together. 

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