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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Multiply's Yearly Christmas Gathering

The yearly Multiply Christmas Gathering. 
This year, Dalton will be tagging alongHe was initially wearing jeans but changed to bermudas cos he keeps tripping =DOn the way to Hazel's place. Had to pacify him with youtube cos he was crying after realizing that his mummy isn't followingThe 2 SG50 babies finally meets!Hahah... I think he is a little afraid of Alexia's 热情A picture with the Christmas tree and the rest of the picture needs no caption =)The little one seems very comfortable with GohHaha.. Ee Ling & Vivian spotted with same outfitFood was catered from Neo Garden and Geok Ping added on some munchiesEe Ling's mum made ondeh ondeh. Super deliciousAbout time to let the little one eat on his own. Time for the kiddos to gather around for gift exchangeCannot sit stillThe bigger boys having some serious conversation with Dalton =DHaha... this girl so cute!Eun, growing fast.. soon will be taller than me alreadyWefie while waiting for gift exchangeThis year instead of picking on by one, we decided to all pick at the same timeWhile I got Geok Ping's presentThe twinnie got mineHere's what I got.. a head rest & tea from Crabtree & EvelynAlso got a belated birthday gift from FionaTurn out to be lip stick from tarte
Once again, thank you Hazel for hosting the event again. 

Hereby wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas ahead! 

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