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The reason why this blog is created is because is shutting down & all posts will be removed. Some posts here are back-dated from Aug 2004 - Aug 2012! I'm just doing a screen-shot & re-posting slowly cos it ain't easy to import every single photo. Therefore, only thumbnails are available for viewing, which also explains the white background & the little note at the end.

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Sunday, 3 December 2017

LeTara | Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday with the AFamily on board  LéTara Yacht ⛵️
My little cutie pie's latest pose ✌ .. I ask him why he so cute, he say cos he eat a lot. HahahaSuper sunnyAt the berth of Lazarus Island but hey, who is so inconsiderate in putting a toy there? That's for yacht, not toyOk, they're arranging to remove the toy after we honk them twiceOk, main purpose tor today's trip is to try the sea scooterThe big boy having fun with the sea scooterWhile the boys are playing the sea scooter, me & Jenny stayed on board to bbqOnly Salmon & Chicken Skewer cos we also have pizza & we're meeting Nizam for dinnerWhile heading back, we saw this super moon!Dinner Toby'sGreat Sunday evening spent with the AFamily

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