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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Morganfield's | Christmas Dinner with LéTara Family

David initiated a dinner meet up ans so I suggested Morganfield's since kids 8 & below dines for free
Limited menu for these few days due to Christmas seasonSelfie while waiting for everyone to arriveSummersby Summer PunchMy little handsome friend handmade a soap for all of us =)Haha... hmm.. looks like someone is very thirsty!Kids Meal for both the kidsFor sharing ... Nacho cheesePopcorn PorkThe Christmas Platter

I also requested a birthday cake for Liana whose birthday falls on yesterday

In turn, she requested for myself & Zhenni, whose birthday all falls in December

Happy birthday, Liana & may you stay pretty always

Birthday+Christmas gift from David & Liana

Zhenni also got a Birthday+Christmas gift from David & Liana

Gifts from Zhenni & myself for both Liana & David

Liana & David will be off for a week, and so ... have a Merry Christmas!

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