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Sunday, 9 April 2017

LéTara Yacht at Singapore Yacht Show 2017

At the ATeam HQ now, waiting for everyone else to be ready cos LéTara Yacht is at the Singapore Yacht Show 2017!
On the way to ONE°15 Marina ClubSingapore Yacht Show 2017Welcome Onboard =)Went to register our wrist bands for the $15 credit$12 Sausage Bun but they ran out of bun, so they gave me 2 sausagesChurros for KeerenSince I have 2 bands, I use credits from the other band for ciderHaha, David's cap damn cool!Bump into Mr Bear =)So cute the guy even stop for use to wefie with Mr BearWe also bump into David's friend at the showLook who we met! Yes, Evelyn (Darren's wife). She was at one of the yacht on show too.End of the showThe LéTara FamilyA group picture with crews from other yachtNice show, LéTara & hope you get to participate again next yearThen we went for dinner st Sushi Tei

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