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Friday, 14 April 2017

Non-Entree Dessert, Artbox, Chic-A-Boo | Day Out w/CCSSians

Met up with Anthony & Emily for some dessert at Non Entree Dessert before meeting the rest to for Artbox 
Wah, the chairs very retro but was given a touch-up in colorsIt was already full house when we reach and so we sat at the only available table outsideWe ordered Ang Ku Kueh, Tu Tuu Kueh & of cos the Bak Chor MeeAng Ku Kueh, a little too sweet for all of usTu Tu Kueh with gula melaka within, was pretty goodBak Chor Mee. Look convincing but too sweetA picture at the retro place with my retro friend =DThen we went to check out Artbox with the restBut we left within 30 mins cos the crowd was mad. Human traffic was out of control, walking space between stalls were barely there and all we see are humans walking around and nothing elseWalk around Marina Square & finally settle ourselves at Chic-A-BooIt was very pack and we waited for quite some time for a tableHappy dinner, everyone!Then we went Kith for a cuppa drink. We reached the place at 8.30 pm and because our group is quite big, we were asked to wait for a table. 
But at 9 pm, we were still waiting and when we checked, we were told that we will still need to wait for another 10 mins or so and at the same time, we were also being told that last order will be at 9 pm.

What the heck?! Hello, are you expecting us to wait for another 10 mins to be seated at 9.10 pm then tell us we cannot place any order cos last order is at 9 pm? Where on earth is your common sense? 

Also, if you are not confident in giving us a table before your last order at 9 pm, you should have told us instead of asking us to wait when we reach at 8.30 pm.

Disappointed at the way they manage crowd & since last order is at 9 pm, we left 

We ended at Starbucks Suntec  since the guys parked at Suntec

Non Entrée Dessert Cafe
204 Rangoon Rd,
Hong Building, 
Singapore 218451
Tel: 9878 6543
Operating Hours: 2 pm - 10 pm

Chic A Boo
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square #03-147/148
Singapore 039594
Tel. 6837 1004

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