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Sunday, 16 April 2017

National Kitchen & Boufe | Sam's Birthday

The foodie musketeers meets for Sam's birthday
This year she has chosen National Kitchen by Violet OonVery cute door stopperWe took up the Singapore High Tea which is $56 for 2 pax, However, we had 3 of us and there is no option of having it as 3, we ordered 2 sets and share among 3 of usApart from Buah Kekulak Crostini & Kesturi Pie which I don't quite fancy the rest of the items are pretty good.Complimentary cake served to birthday girl is Kueh Beng Kah & it was still warm when it was being servedHappy Birthday SamStaff took picture of us and presented us this before we leavePretty good and I hope to be back for dinner soon. Then we went Boufe cos Sam wants to redeem the free Unicorn cake birthday cakeBut... ... all cakes were sold out for the day when we reachedSo we ordered drinks. This Nutella Blossom is awesomeDrop the mush-mellow into the hot drink & it blossoms like a flower. Pretty right? We also ordered dinner. Sam & Wendy had Prawn Aglio Olio but was told that they ran out of chilli & so only have non-spicy version Aglio Olio. In my humble opinion, how can an eatery ran out of simple ingredients like chilli? Hmmm.. ok, maybe they overlook or maybe it's a long weekend.I had Triple B & i was huge I can't even finish =DHopefully when we revisit, chilli will be available. And oh yes, must remember to reserve a cake online a day before we revisit!

National Kitchen by Violet Oon
1 St. Andrew’s Road
#02–01, National Gallery
Singapore 178957

Boufé Boutique Cafe
308 Tanglin Road,
​Phoenix Park, #01-01, 
Singapore 247974

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