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Sunday, 4 September 2016

ATeam's LéTara Yacht Trip

Yeah.. it's officially the ATeam's  LéTara Yacht Trip! But unfortunately it's still not complete cos Prakash could not make it. Else it would have been complete. 
Bringing my Eiffel Tower out today. It's been long time since she gets some sun
Met Angel & Carol at Harbourfront to buy some food stuffs for BBQ cos we're having potluckMy teenage friend is getting very tall now. Soon she will be taller than meWalking our way to LéTaraGroup pix, but missing PrakashLe bff's virgin trip on boardAs usual, Lazarus IslandOur little captain. So handsome lahThe guys of ATeam.. all having one-pack instead of six-pack now! hahaWhile the guys go kayaking... We get the food prepared for bbq-ingWe also prepared lots of cooked food so we don't have to wait too long for food to be ready cos some of us did not have lunchMy teenage friend enjoying herself cos it's also her virgin trip onboardWahaha... someone's having motion sicknessCaptain bbq-ing I took over for awhile cos captain needs to get something done.Uncle Nizam watching over the boysRelax .... lolAngela bought moscato too.. Desserts from CBTL brought onboard by Nizam & IrenePuffs & tarts from Prima Deli brought onboard by AngelaRafi's job is to teach the little one how to fishNot bad for we got quite a bit of fishes this trip. All the vigrins onboard .... hipe ur guys had fun!

LéTara Yacht 
209 New Upper Changi Road #03-631 
Singapore 460209
Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 6pm
Excluding Public Holidays
Tel: (65) 8111 6168

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