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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Resorts World Sentosa | Pokemon Hunting & Durian Fest

Wahaha... ok, because I'm going for Durian Fest at Resorts World Sentosa, I met up with Anthony first at Universal Studios Singapore for Pokemon Hunting
While waiting for Anthony

Wahaha.. many trainers crowd outside USS cos it's Pikachu's nest!

See.. even outside can get this little fellow

Quite a good catch at USS!

My current USS buddy & Pokemon hunting buddy

Continue to hunt after we are out from USS & while waiting for Anthony's wife

The one event we're waiting for... ...
Queue to collect durians are super long queue! To make sure everyone gets to eat, they only allow 2 durians per person at one time. To get morre, you've got to re-queueEh, no queue? Cos Durian run out of stock .. lolOk, re-stock!We only took 4 to begin with cos afraid we can't finishPretty good Durians!
Apart from durians, there are also other fruits availableCooling water are also availableDurians are of good quality & hopefully we'll be able to come back again in 2017

Last 2 catch before we leave RWS and yes, RWS is one of a better venue for Pokemon hunting 😊

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