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Saturday, 6 August 2016

五月天 Mayday ~ Just Rock It, Singapore

Met the twinnie for quick dinner at Burger King before we head out to 五月天's concert! 
I wasn't a hardcore fan of their's but was quite impressed with their stage performance when I went to the Mayday Concert @ F1 Padang Stage. So when the twinnie asked if I'm keen, I immediately agreed to go with herTwinnie's friend managed to grab a pair of tickets for usAnd the seat number ... ... my favorite number leh!The crowd was mad in here & everyone seems to be in very high spirits! 😆Twinnie's friendsAt 8.15pm ... finally!Next few super close-up pix are from JJ who is seated at the VIP seats!OMG.. so close-up!Concert officially come to an end after a couple of encores & almost 3 hrs!Shag out!Haha... someone jump/ dance till shoe spoil😅😅😅😅😅It's officially my first 五月天 concert & I must say ...'s awesome!五月天.. till we meet again!Then we walked all the way to McDonald's at Kallang cos we couldn't get into the last available train & cab queue is freaking long

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