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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Mama Story | AMei Amit Utopia 2016

Just when I thought I'm done with birthday dinner, Trixie treated me to another birthday dinner cos she is busy in the month of December & we're meeting up today for AMei's concert
Since we're meeting at Plaza Singapura, she suggested Manna Korean RestaurantAs she is late, I ordered about 10 mins after she texted me that she just board cab & just nice the food arrived before she stepped in!Then .... ... we head over to Singapore Sports Hub for AMei's Amit Utopia 2016 concert!Our seat was a little far from the stage cos we bought the $98 tickets .. lolCounting down.. so freaking excited can?!Woohoo! ok, a bit too far but good enough for hearingOne hour into the concert, we "self-upgrade" ourselves to the $288 tickets cos we were told by Trixie's friend that there are a lot of empty seats available! In fact, many concert goers did the same too!Guess what? After a good 2 hours of show, AMei asked if audiences are tired & when everyone replied "No", she declares that the "Concert officially begins! and the concert continues for another one hour!"
Goodness! The last one hour was mad high as everyone was singing & dancing all the way!

We were totally shag out after jumping for the last 1 hour but we were are not complaining cos we totally enjoyed it! The concert was totally worth every single cent as it lasted for 3 hours 15 mins

Can't wait for her to hold another concert soon!

After concert, we went for a drink at Starbucks with her Trixie's friends to cool ourselves down before heading home. We were also lucky to be able to hitch a ride from her friend who is staying at Woodlands. 

Plaza Singapura “Spring” 
68 Orchard Road #B2-22, 
Singapore 23883 9 
Tel : 6238-1245

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