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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

El Tardeo | Carol's Birthday

It's the bff's birthday. As usual, birthday girl gets to choose the venue & she suggested El Tardeo
Impressive Bar with selections of drinks flown in from SpainAnd very cute staffHee.. a selfie while waiting for the 2 girls taking fiveGuacamole and nachos. I wish there were more chips!Asparagus TempiuraGrilled squids and “escalivada” Waffle fried potatoes, with “bravas” sauceSpanish omeletteDeep fried baby squids with lime mayo dip & squid inkGrilled pork belly serve with fennel saladGarlic shrimpsEgg with mushroom (or something)Squid croquettesOx Tongue300 grams beef rib eyeVery yummy tapas with very warm & friendly staffsCocktails are one-for-one on Wednesday nightsCan't remember what's the name for this drink, but it taste pretty good. It's some kind of herbal wine with plum & lemon. This is supposedly helps digest tooBirthday girl gets a complimentary birthday drinkand a complimentary birthday cake, both specially prepared by the manager!Happy Birtday, Carol #MyLesbianMyBffOne more selfie before the night ends
Once again, Happy Birthday Carol :)

El Tardeo
20 Craig Road, 
Craig Place #01-01, 
Singapore 089692
Tel: 6221 6288 (3pm onwards)
SMS: 8181 1829 
Opersting Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 6 pm to 11 pm
Friday - Saturday: 6 pm to 12 pm
Sunday Brunch: 12 pm to 5.00 pm

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