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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant | ATeam's Reunion Dinner

The ATeam's yearly reunion dinner. Like all other years, ATeam's reunion dinner is done on the Sunday before CNY at Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant
Squid with chilli crab sauceOyster OmeletteLemon ChickenHotplate TofuBlack Pepper Deer MeatOur favorite Salted Egg Prawn. Love the salted egg dish here cos they use the whole egg, you can taste chunks of salted egg whitesSame Salted Egg dish, but this is chickenKogu forgotten about yusheng when he placed order & only remembered about it when we finished eating everything! Then he quickly went to order one! This year because of the salmon issues, all txe char stalls have replaced salmon sashimi with concubine abalone (abalone flavored squid)Here we go... ...Huat arh! May everyone "Huat" all the way in the Year of Monkey

Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant
Blk 56, #01-1300, 
New Upper Changi Road,
Singapore 461056
Tel: 6243 8337

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