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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Dolce Tokyo Cafe, 313 Somerset

Sam's birthday is round the corner, thus, Joanna initiated a dinner date. Sam suggested Dolce Tokyo at 313Somerset, a Japanese - Italian Cafe managed by Ministry of Food
Restaurant is probably only 10% occupied on a weekday eveningJoanna bought a cute little cupcake for Sam from Twelve Cupcake but ... ... hey, what's with the flag lah?! So "National Day" can? hahahaha Anyway, Happy advance birthday, SamWe ordered an Assorted Toast for sharing. Personally, I find the toast a tad soft & the toppings are quite bland but tasted better with the oil & vinegarSam's Unagi BentoJoanna's Egg Benedict with MushroomMine is Unagi Omu Curry Rice. Pretty good, but too little Unagi.Us =)Since there's lots of desserts available on the menu, we decided to order desserts. However, the desserts were quite disappointing with most ingredients being not fresh.

Dolce Tokyo Cafe
313 Orchard Road 
313 Somerset,  #03-23 
Singapore 238895 (Somerset MRT), 
Tel:  6836 5612
Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

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