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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dad's Death Anniversary

24th day of lunar 3rd month ~ Dad's death anniversary. It's been 19 years since dad left, and I somehow I didn't really went to pay respect as most of the time I couldn't apply leave at work. 

This year, I took leave to pay respect and it was the first time I went to Tea Ann Huay Kuan's new location at Geylang. They used to be at Hougang, then moved to a temp location at Chinatown after the location at Hougang was being used to build MRT
The hall. Dad & uncle William are at level 13 while grandpa is at level 14Can't remember the space unit, but there they areThe urns cornerDadGrandpaUncle William (Dad's elder brother)Simple dishes for dad, as well as grandpa & uncle WilliamAs it's dad's anniversary, only he can "receive" items, so aunty Shirley tag along some items for grandpa & uncle William. This bike if for grandpaBoth cars are for dad cos aunty Shirley bought one & we bought oneMum also bought this for grandpaThe rest of the items are all for dad. Some are bought by aunty Shirley (dad's younger sister)Different brands of ciggisDim SumTidbitsMum bought Ken-Ken cuttlefish cos it's dad's favorite. This is now close to extinct already! Next time must buy high-class cuttlefish alreadyOf cos, not forgetting "lots of money" that's all packed in the pink bag."Pa, come collect your things & money!" =DHuat arh!Then we went for dim sum at Mongkok Dim SumWent back home to laze off the rest of the day after lunch

Teo Ann Huay Kuan
48 Lorong 8 Geylang
Singapore 399108
Telephone: 68427276

Mongkok Dim Sum
214 Geylang Road, 
Singapore 389274
Phone:6841 5133

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