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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Kko Chi Bar & Starker | Mel's Birthday

Mel's birthday is round the corner & so we meet up for a meal. We initially planned for a bbq session at Ivy's place but gave up the idea since it's only 5 of us. 
I suggested Kko Chi Bar cos they wanted korean & bbqSide dishes an't fantasticSkewers were placed on the rotating metal rack to allow meat to be grilled automatically while u talk!Meats are pretty good, well marinatedWe also ordered Spicy Chicken. Not spicy & in fact, a little sweetGrilled Pallock which is a little toughFish Cake Soup, doesn't looks appealing but it was quite good. A little spicy tooWe proceeded to Stärker Signature for a dink after dinner & I also bought a slice of cake for the birthday girlHappy Birthday, Mel
Staff who served us arranged for the girls singing live, to sing Mel a birthday song upon knowing that it's her birthday & the girls even sang all the the 5 songs we requested!
Cheers to weekend!
Once again, Happy Birthday Mel!

Kko Chi Bar
10 Craig Rd,
Singapore 089670
Phone: 9730 4433

Stärker Signature
Tanjong Pagar Centre
5 Wallich Street #01-17/18, 
Singapore 078883
Tel: 6386 8511

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