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Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Boiler | Birthday & Christmas Gift Exchange

Still on the Birthday celebration mode... today;s celebration is with the team mates at The Boiler
Spam Fries to start off dinnerFish & ChipsBombdiggity Bag & yes, you get a free lobster with every bag purchased on your birthday monthThe 3 December babiesThe team mates, together with Siew Hoon's daughterBirthday cake arranged by Siew HoonDeveloped fever half-way thru dinner, and so I'm all wrapped up. Never been so sick on any of my birthday celebration before =( Happy Birthday to all December babies =)
We also had an advance Christmas gift-exchange cos this is the only day where we have full attendance before Christmas. Our budjet is $20 but of cos we're free to buy anything more than that amount.
Siew Hoon got a very expensive gift from May!Yin mentioned that she doesn't wants a stuffed toy & was angry when she unwrapped a penguin toy from Siew HoonAnd burst into tear when she got her real present, a Coach wristletNhey got a Starbucks tumbler from Carol, something she requested for.Carol got a butterfly slip-on from NheyOh, why do I get 2 presents? No, not because it's my birthday. $40 Taka voucher is Christmas gift exchange from Carol & the Coach wristlet is a special gift from Siew Hoon. This is an encouragement gift. May got a pair of Craftholic bedroom slipper from meHave a merry advance Christmas, everyone! 

The Boiler
18 Howard Rd, 
Novelty Bizcentre, #01-06,  
Singapore 369585
Tel:  6635 1285

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