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Saturday, 17 December 2016

CCSSian Gathering!

CCSSians gathering at David's place! 
Wow.. but why do we have such nice decors?Cos apart from gathering, we're also celebrating December babies's birthday and Anthony & Emily's wedding anniversaryI'm the 2nd to arrive & so offered to help David to issue out "name tags"Oh, hello Marcus! You're back from ShanghaiOk, the rest of the pictures are small groups & wefies here & thereSome of the teachersWahaha... the scene looks so much like a gathering at Chinese templeCake for the December babiesHere we are, all the December babiesAll December babies got a bunch of flowersWe also have another jelly cake, for Anthony & Emily's wedding anniversary
Happy anniversary Anthony & Emily and Happy Birthday all December babiesAnd of cos, wefie with my awesome monopod!Anthony's "mistress"And what? 4th party? lolAgain, wefies continues.... ..... Never a non-selfie/wefie moment with me around =DWah, Goh so thirsty she drinks the whole bottle of wine?!Wah.. hair messy max but who cares?*oops! he must be drunk! =DThe face at 1.30 am! =DThanks David for flower, but erm... carnation? haha... lol
Anyway, had a great evening with the CCSSians. Apart from the usual CCSSians, it's been long time since we met the A-class boys. 

Thanks David & Liana for organizing & hosting!

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