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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Whye Wan & Cassandra Weds

Woohoo ~~ One of our Voodoo flower girl weds! One of the successful couple matched within the Suiyuan group
Managed to grab a picture of the bride at the receptAh-ha! Finally met Kong Bak Bao! Only managed to see him once on the day he is born & now he's already close to 6 months oldA group picture of the Suiyuan group with me in a super awkward position .. hahaForgot to bring my selfie stick with light, so it's quite difficult to get a proper pixCouple on the stage after first march-in!Haha.. again, right timing! Caught the couple at the door before they had their 2nd march-in.
Congrats Whye Wan & Cassandra for entering the new chapter of your life!
Coincidentally, my cousin happens to be Whye Wan (groom)'s colleague & emcee for the wedding lunchNothing to do, so we try different angles of wefie =DCouple going round the table for photo-takingWent for a drink at Harry's Bar after the wedding lunch & met up with Mel & Ivy who did not attend the wedding as they pre-bought tickets to Les MiserableFollow by dinner before heading home. 

Once again, Congrats Whye Wan & Cassandra, and thanks for having us in your most important of your life!

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