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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Mahjong with Cousins

It's been a long time since we play mahjong together, so Cherilyn arranged for a session at her mum's place.
Bought llaollao while waiting for her at Tampines Mall. Months since I had one =DThis girl arh, cannot multi-task lah. She has been trying to upload a video on Instagram for the past 20 mins & still the video is not being posted =DThen she keep asking what we discard, so we try stacking it nicelyThe cousins introduced me to this biscuit which is very nice leh!Uncle Frankie bought kuay chap for dinner.Winnings at the end of the gameHello Tasha ~The super dark eye is due to the accumulation of tears before she got adopted by FabianSuper licker lah she .. lick all over my legs while we were siting around chattingHello Mambo, nice to meet you. 
It was overall a great bonding session with the cousins & hopefully we'l  haven another session soon

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