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Thursday, 30 August 2012


Pauline & Evelyn goes feasting!

Evelyn wanted to 'reunite' with Hatched cos the last time we went to the branch at Evans Lodge, 
the pancakes were so good & I'm an egg lover!

Let's take a look at what we ordered! 

Of cos, we have a drink each. I had home brewed iced tea while she had iced mocha

Sausage platter for us. Sausages too salty to our liking.

Popeye's Salute for me. Just in case you're wondering whats with Popeye? 

Look at the amount of spinach underneath the egg! 

I don't quite like this cos the spinach is too wet & the muffin is soaked, thus making it too soft for my liking & one of the egg is too cooked too!

Should have stick to Sir Benedict! 

  Evelyn had French Onion Sandwich. Beef was good to her liking but the onion is lack of sweetness.

Instead of ordering Pancakes which we wanted to, we changed our mind & ordered The Sleepover since there's so many good reviews online. 

Honestly, the only thing I like about this is the crispy bacon! I don't eat banana cos it makes me constipate. Evelyn says it's not caramelized properly. As for the french toast, I think my helper at home can do it better! 

Should have stick to ordering the Pancake Party! 

my feasting buddy - Evelyn 

You may want to give it a try if you're a fan of eggs!  

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