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Saturday, 4 August 2018

National Day Parade 2018 | Preview 2

Woohoo ... a friend called one day before saying she managed to get hold of 2 NDP Preview 2 tickets for me!
Because Theresa is also giving me 1 ticket, I arranged with her hubby to pick up the tickets. Late lunch at 4Fingers while waiting for Mr GohCos we're of different color sector, we got separated at the entranceThis time, I dig out the tattoo in the fun pack & make use of it cos I saw someone having the tattoo last week but she mentioned she bought it before coming to the parade & only realize there is a pack of tattoo when I reached homeIt's both of them's 1st NDP parade!Obviously, the little one is quite excitedShowing off his tattoo in his cheeky faceToday's view was better compared to last weekChecking out the air formationLuckily there was no rain and dark clouds cleared in time for the Navy divers & t he Red Lions to jumpMy 2nd NDP this year, but still feeling excitedCan go USS Halloween Horror for audition?Andy Warhol inspired =DHaha.. cos the sister has to "sarong" the little one, I had to perform maid duties & carry all the 3 goodie bagsCos someone insisted in taking picture with the bubbles
Thankful to the twinnie who offered me one of her ticket & the friend who gave me 2 tickets so that sis & Dalton can attend. It was nice of the lady to remember that I mentioned to her few week ago that I have never been lucky in balloting for NDP tickets.

Train ride home & obviously very happy cos keeps repeating 'We Are Singapore" The aunty .. lolI was telling Carol last week the Lion design bag is very cute & tadaa~~ lucky enough to get the design todayAnd the little one snatched away my Salted Egg Potato Chips snack the moment the saw it!Haha.. no, I didn't buy the Salted Egg Potato Chips. I won it from Insatgram giveaway by The Golden Duck!Actually I didn't know there is this Instagram giveaway. 
I just happened to post the picture of Dalton snacking on the Salted Egg Fish Skin snack that is inside the NDP fun pack & I got a surprise from them few hours after I posted the picture last week.
Collected it right before I head out to NDP!Thank You, The Golden Duck for the giveaway!
So... ... if u're going for NDP on actual day, remember to post a picture of the mini Salted Egg Fish Skin found in the fun pack, post your picture on Instagram & hashtag #TheGoldenDuck to stand a chance to win a Goodie Bag from The Golden Duck!

Good Luck, peeps!

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