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Saturday, 2 June 2018

五月天 2018 人生无限公司 巡回演唱会 新加坡 “无限放大版”

五月天 2018 人生无限公司 巡回演唱会 新加坡 “无限放大版” !
Met up with Theresa & Andy for a quick meal before the concert but both of them were late & I bump into Joseph when searching for SD Card, so he keep me occupied while waiting for them. Snap a picture with him before he leaves to meet his friend.Testing my new Samsung Gear 360Some fan club peeps were giving away ribbon & postcard, so I took a few ribbonsMet up with Karen & Amy cos they helped me buy light stickFan club peeps are also giving away temporary tattoos, so we also took some.. ahahVery pretty ribbonOur view. Didn't want to spend too much since we already watched the same concert in Dec'17Exited!Freebies we got from the fan clubWoohoo~~~~~~~~~Saw on Rock's fb page that people are complaining about concert goers in front of them stands throughout the concert, blocking their view. 
Although I'm not a 100% MAYDAY fan, I know their concert is somehow classified as rock concert. Naturally, most of the audience stands throughout the entire concert, or at least 75% of the time! Not only in Singapore, but in all countries. Not only 1 but all their concerts!

For those who feels cheated or annoyed, maybe next time you should check out artist & their concert culture before deciding buying the most expensive tickets of the concert to avoid disappointment.

For me, although seated very far away, I totally enjoyed the entire concert! No complains =)
Thanks Twinnie for once again, jio-ing me for MAYDAY concert!Looking forward to their next concert in Singapore!Supper at KFC Kallang after concert

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