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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Dexter & Mel's Wedding Lunch

Yoohoo~~ it's finally the wedding of Dexter & Mel
Wedding lunch venue - Amara HotelVery cute couple balloon at reception areaKachang puteh counterDessert table but nothing much left by the time I get thereSurprise! Met a friend whom I have not seen for more than 7 years and her fiance happens to be Dexter's emcee for todayAngela is late, so she is missing in this pictureCongrats, Dexter & MelOur tableCouple's first march-inCombination platterWefie while waiting for next dishShark's fin soupSteam red groupaRoast chicken with pork flossCouple's second march-inPrawns with asparagusA quick snap while waiting for all at the table to get readyAbalone with spinachFried rice with prawn & scallopFlowers for sale.. anyone?Yam paste, a little watery & disappointingOnce again... ... Congrats, Dexter & Mel
May you both have a blissful marriage!
Then we went for coffee & dessertDecent waffle & nice ice creamOne happy girl cos I was clearing my stuffs & planning to see all my cds & so I gave her 3 of my Jacky Cheung's collection!

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