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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Gonpachi Ramen & Hatter Street | Dinner with Foodie Musketeers

Right after coming back from Batam with AFamily, I went straight to meet the Foodie Musketeers for dinner cos they wanted to try this newly open ramen shop opposite Angeline's place
Gonpachi RamenSmall outlet with only couple of items on the menuBoiled Pork GyozaGreen Tea Smoked DuckCrisp Fried Baby SquidFried TofuSam & Wendy tried Miso Kokuni RamenWhile I had Seven Wonder RamenSelfie before we dig in. Not sure what's the hype but I don't find any wow factor and won't see myself travelling all the way there for more.Then we went for dessert at Hatter Street for... Classic waffles with ice cream and... ...Unicorn Whoaffles!Hey, I think we look quite alike =)Pretty Unicorn but unfortunately cannot change the flavor of ice cream. Nevertheless, something sweet & nice to end the mid-week =)

Gonpachi Ramen
Blk 212, #01-329
Hougang Street 21, 
Singapore 530212
Tel: 6584 1943
Operating Hours
Sunday - Thusday:
11:45 am–3:00 pm & 5.30 pm–10:30 pm
Friday to Saturday:
11:45 am - 3:00 pm & 5.30 pm–10:45 pm

Hatter Street
Blk 212, #01-333 
Hougang Street 21 
Singapore 530212
Tel: 6988 4591
Operating Hours: 1 pm - 10 pm

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