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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Yayoi Kusama | Life Is The Heart of A Rainbow

Met up with the buddy & Liana at National Gallery to check out exhibition of Yayoi Kusama: Life is the heart of Rainbow
While waiting for LianaTicket is at $15 for special exhibitionEvelyn calls this watermelon =DThe Pumpkin RoomSiting at one corner cos Liana took too many picturesMirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairer of us all?Infinity Mirrored RoomThis room, only allowed 3 person at one point of time and 20 secs per entryTulipsLove the bright colored polka dotsSea of steel ballsWahaha.. my tummy like the ballHanging their wishes ... ...Homogenizing And Transforming World by TeamLabWahaha.. Evelyn took so many picture cos of the changing colours.. like popart lehThe Obliteration RoomCome, let me cook some stuff for youAnd my silly friend... ... =DLike a pregnant woman in delivery room.. hahahaThis picture is damn funny. Cos she has a picture with similar pose back in 2012 when we're in HanoiAnyone needs a ride? No?Than let's go picnicFirewalkOn top of the world!We had great fun with all the wefie but were hungry and so we gave up the rest of the exhibition and head out for lunch
National Gallery Singapore
1 St. Andrew's Road, Singapore 178957
Operating Hours:
Sunday - Thursday, Public Holiday | 10 am - 7 pm
Friday - Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday | 10 am - 10 pm
*Yayoi Kusama | Life Is The Heart of A Rainbow runs from 9 Jun 17 - 3 Spe17

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