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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Year of the Golden Rooster | ATeam Meets at the ATeam HQ

Yahoo ~~ it's time for the favorite gathering for Chinese New Year! 
Like I mentioned, this is a multi-racial house =DThis is my favorite little boyIn preparation of Lion Dance. This is probably the third or fourth year they're having Lion DanceThe 2 Tigress =DOh ho, check out who is here today?Yeah, it's Ebi Shankara. On & off he will be here to join in our gathering cos he is the cousin of the hostHaha.. there's Rooster mascot this year! And the usual 2 LionsFrom what we know, these 2 Lions are new & we're honored to be using it first.

Boss receiving the blessing
Happy familyThe multi-racial house with multi-racial friendsWefie with ChickyThe Minion trying to figure out what's the number givenMy silly friend =DHeaps of Salmon, for our yushengHere, our DIY yusheng. Salmon sashimi, scallop, jelly fish, mini abalone, roe. Haha, ingredients more that the vegetables. We call it the ATeam Yusheng cos you cannot get this anywhere elseThe little boy helping to put in "gold"Huat arh!Follow by steamboat! These are just part of the ingredientsSome fried stuffs for those who are already hungryMore salmon. This house will never see a shortage of salmon cos host sells them! =DOf cos, mahjong lah!
Thank you Kogu & Jenny for hosting another awesome gathering!

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